Become a Financial Advisor

As Canada’s population is growing and aging, there is a great demand for financial advisors. For this reason, FILCAN FINANCIAL SERVICES is opening training classes for people who are interested in becoming a financial advisor

A person who wants to become a financial advisor, he needs to take a Life License Qualification Program (LLQP), which will lead him to become a licensed life insurance representative once he passes the LLQP examination. Vance Financial Group has experienced LLQP instructors to help people to become licensed according to their own schedule.

When a person gets his license and joins our company, we will provide him with a series of intensive trainings, including product knowledge, sales technique, market analysis etc. These training classes may be in group, one on one, and also joined field work. We will also have regular reviews with the new agents to ensure they fit into career as soon as possible.

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